Connect, Personalize and Transact.

Connect with your most valuable guests across their booking journey. Stop wasting money on expensive distribution. Start leveraging data and personalization to drive more revenue from your direct channels.

As hoteliers, we know your main problems:

Hotelier’s Problem #1

Distribution is expensive

High costs for distribution means lower margins and a lot less cash in your pocket. In addition, distribution channels take away your control over the customer experience and the direct relationship with your guests.

Hotelier’s Problem #2

Personalized offers are hard to manage

Booking engines can’t process complex bookings. This means your guest can’t get the level of personalization and customer service they expect. This leads to missed revenue opportunities with your highest paying guests.

Hotelier’s Problem #3

Modern travelers expect personalized customer service

Modern travelers and millennials expect you to be available wherever and whenever they are. There are 4.5 billion people using mobile messaging applications everyday. They expect you to be there.

Hotelier’s Problem #4

Lack of guest data from the booking journey

Expensive distribution channels disconnect you from your guests as they are looking to book. You are not in control of your guest’s expectations and you get disconnected from valuable data.

Your guests expect more than ever.

This is the new reality. Hoteliers need to provide fast, unique and personal answers to their potential guests.


of guests visit the hotel website to evaluate offers after seeing the hotel on an OTA.


say the most important feature when booking online is to have questions answered by a live person.


of all your bookings are complex and can’t be managed by your booking engine - your highest paying guests are within this segment

It’s time to get more revenue from your direct bookings.

Connect with your guests and drive more revenue

Hotels use our platform to connect with their guests as they are looking to book. The result is an increase in bookings from the booking segments that pays the most.

Leverage the use of big data and automation

We’ve developed state-of-the-art technology that automates your guest messaging. We have machine learning processes and bot automations in place to help you offer unique booking experiences.

instaroom enables direct bookings for group

Get complex bookings right.

Our platform supports your booking processes and automates incoming enquiries on your website and across communication channels. We help you sell your complex inventory and manage your requests with a breeze. Furthermore, our system gets you access to data that will put you in control of your guests booking journey.

Seize higher revenue opportunities.

Being able to talk to your potential guest about their individual needs pays off. Sell to the right person at the right time. Collect higher revenues and convert more direct bookings from segments that are looking to spend more.

All the power without distractions.

The last thing you need is another system to take care of. That’s why our platform can be easily plugged into your current workflow so you can benefit from the added value of conversational booking tools. More revenue and control, but no installation or new systems required.

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It’s hospitality.

We are all from hospitality, service is the core of our business. We will be available and provide you with a helping hand from start to finish.


Your personal account manager.

Your personal account manager will continually be in touch with you and be readily available for anything you might need.


We are hoteliers and our goal is to support you in your journey.

We can relate to your struggles and we can help you identify pain points in your daily operations, the core of our business is hospitality and we have a laser-sharp focus on you and your business.


Global team.

We have a global team that can help you immediately with anything you might need, we are constantly available for feedback and we always find solutions to your challenges.

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Guest Messaging and Automation

Everything you need for guest messaging in one place. We have developed the following features to help you drive conversational bookings:

Instaroom's Booking Assistant

Instaroom's customizable booking assistant welcomes and assists your website visitors and give them a more personal way to book

  1. Your visitors get help with their bookings with your own Booking Assistant bot
  2. Your visitors get personalized and automatized booking experiences in a conversational environment
  3. Your visitors get their questions answered automatically with your own FAQ bot
  4. Your visitors get automated greeting messages in up to 5 languages
  5. Your returning guests gets greeted by name

Concierge Platform

Manage all your guest messaging, automations and transactions from one Web App

  1. Transact conversational bookings and turn on or off guest messaging automations
  2. Take control of and organize your guest communication through our simple interface - everything in one place just the way you like it
  3. Organize your conversations through one simple click - our system archives everything for you
  4. Search and find returning guests and extract valuable guest data to build personalization

Actionable analytics

Stay on top of your performance and analyze guest behaviour.

  1. Analyze source markets and stay on top of overall performance as well as guest expectations
  2. Measure your revenue and return on investment
  3. Benchmark your website traffic and analyze your website conversion
  4. Find new revenue opportunities and learn how to convert more from the guests that pay the most
  5. Analyze your booking journeys and get in control of guest expectations

Traffic Generation Tools

Drive visitors to your website who you know will book

We have helped hoteliers across the world to act on their analytics through data driven digital marketing. We can help you drive more visitors who you know will actually book to your website. Avoid expensive pay-per-click campaigns and low conversions through our unique data driven approach. Your direct bookings and website conversion will skyrocket through personalization and data driven digital campaigns on all leading search, booking and social media platforms.


We have connections to all the leading booking platforms in the world

Through powerful integrations and the latest technology we can connect to your business systems to ensure that you have everything in one place while empowering your online guests with smooth and truly unique booking experiences.

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You are in good company.

Hotels using instaroom have reached the following metrics:

15k €

First Hotels Copenhagen received over 15.000 EUR in direct booking opportunities in the first 6 weeks of using Instaroom


Palace Hotel, Berlin (Leading Hotels of the World) saw an increase of upsells on existing bookings by more than 20% in their first month.


We helped Best Western to increase their direct bookings by more than 14% in their first month - leading to a 10% increase in ADR for that month.

Hotels across categories already trust our solution.

“The addition of the BOT has been an added bonus, reducing time spent by staff on frequently asked questions.

Rami NuekGeneral Manager Solitaire Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, Thailand

“In the first week of using instaroom we sold a wedding on the beach. We love the product and the support!”

David RietveldGeneral Manager Delfins Beach Resort, Bonaire

“I have worked with many startups and prefer working with Instaroom”

Frank BraunDirector of Business Development, Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany

Made for hoteliers by hoteliers.

instaroom story and team

Johan has many years of experience from the hospitality industry. He held different positions such as reception, booking and revenue manager, which allowed him to acquire a great empathy for both sides of the business, the hotel guest and the hotel staff / operation.

Niklas has many years of experience in the travel industry, for example as a Regional Director at a large travel distribution company. In addition, Niklas also has many years of experience in a variety of Hotel Management positions in addition to his Swiss Hotelier background.