Get Personal and Boost your Direct Bookings

As hoteliers, we know your main problems:

Hotelier’s Problem #1

Distribution is expensive

High cost for distribution means lower revenue margins. Not only that, distribution channels take away your control over the customer experience and the direct relationship with your guests.

Hotelier’s Problem #2

Personalized offers are hard to manage

Booking engines can’t process complex bookings. This means your guest can’t get the level of personalization and customer service they expect. This leads to missed revenue opportunities.

Hotelier’s Problem #3

Modern travelers expect personalized customer service

Modern travelers and millennials expect you to be available wherever and whenever they are. There are 4.5 billion people using mobile messaging applications everyday. They expect you to be there.

Hotelier’s Problem #1

Selling the right room at the right price

Regular booking engines cant process your complex packages and inventory. You have to manually process these types of bookings, which makes it difficult to get these booked at the right price and at the right time.

Your guests expect more than ever.

This is the new reality. Hoteliers need to provide fast, unique and personal answers to their potential guests.


of guests visit the hotel website after being exposed to the hotel on an OTA to evaluate their offers.


say the most important feature when booking online is to have questions answered by a live person.


of guests need help with complicated bookings, like family and group reservations.

It’s time to get more direct bookings.

Get more direct bookings on your website.

Hotels use our platform to leverage direct traffic by engaging directly with visitors. The result is an increase in direct bookings over the website and a better guest experience.

Leverage the use of artificial intelligence.

We’ve developed state-of-the-art technology to automate front desk and reservation management services. Hotels use our bots to provide effective customer service at a large scale and a better guest experience without adding additional human resources

instaroom enables direct bookings for group

Get complex bookings right.

Our platform supports your booking process and automates incoming enquiries on your website and across communication channels. We help you sell your complex inventory and manage your requests with a breeze. Furthermore, our system gets you access to data that will put you in control of your guests again.

Seize higher revenue opportunities.

Being able to talk to your potential guest about their individual needs pays off. Sell to the right person at the right time.

All the power without distractions.

The last thing you need is another system to take care of. That’s why our platform can be easily plugged into your current workflow so you can benefit from the added value of conversational tools. More revenue and control, but no installation or new systems required.

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It’s hospitality.

We are all from hospitality, service is the core of our business. We will be available and provide you with a helping hand from start to finish.


Your personal account manager.

Your personal account manager will continually be in touch with you and be readily available for anything you might need.


We are hoteliers and our goal is to support you in your journey.

We can relate to your struggles and we can help you identify pain points in your daily operations, the core of our business is hospitality and we have a laser-sharp focus on you and your business.


Global team.

We have a global team that can help you immediately with anything you might need, we are constantly available for feedback and we always find solutions to your challenges.

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A solution made for you.

Instaroom has built a conversational booking engine too help you close more direct bookings. Our product platform provides you with these features:

Concierge Service Widget.

Welcome and service your visitors with our concierge widget for your website.

  1. Your visitors get their questions answered automatically with our FAQ bot
  2. Your visitors get help with their bookings with our Booking Assistant bot
  3. They get personalized booking experiences that will drive conversion and revenue
  4. Your visitors get automated greeting messages in up to 5 languages
  5. Our widget remembers returning guests and greets them by name

Smart Mail.

Our smart mail integration allows you to take care of all your visitors questions on your existing email account. You don't have to work in a new system or make any installations.

  1. Integrate our conversational booking tool directly with your email
  2. No additional cost, no need to change your current IT infrastructure
  3. Answer all your communication from the email system you already use

Analytics Tools.

Stay on top of the current performance of your service management team with our analytics tools.

  1. Benchmark your website traffic and overall conversion
  2. Measure your revenue and return of investment
  3. Measure your website traffic and identify revenue opportunities
  4. Schedule and receive message summaries to ensure that your team stays on top of revenue opportunities
  5. Generate monthly reports with statistics and lead generation data

Traffic Generation Tools and Digital marketing.

We have all the products and services you need to bring more traffic to your website.

We help you find the right product for your budget to ensure you are getting more direct bookers to your website for a total cost less than any other distribution channel. Not only will it help you lower your distribution costs it will also help you to get control of your distribution.


We have multiple integration partners ensuring you have a seamless user experience and that all your systems are connected.

We can connect to your property management system plus any other connection that would support you in your daily operations.

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You are in good company.

Hotels using instaroom have managed to reach the following metrics:

15k €

First Hotels Copenhagen received over 15.000 EUR in direct booking opportunities during their first active weeks.


Palace Hotel, Berlin (Leading Hotels of the World) saw an increase of upsells on existing bookings by more than 20% in their first month.


We helped Best Western to increase their direct bookings by more than 14% in their first active month - enabling an increase of ADR by 10% for the month.

Hotels across categories already trust our solution.

“I am completely satisfied with Instaroom”

Tim TidmanRevenue and Reservations Manager Ascot Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I have worked with many startups and prefer working with Instaroom”

Frank BraunDirector of Business Development, Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany

“We definitely see new revenue opportunities with Instaroom”

Marielle MiksonRevenue Manager PK Hotels, Baltics

Made for hoteliers by hoteliers.

instaroom story and team

Johan has many years of experience from the hospitality industry. He held different positions such as reception, booking and revenue manager, which allowed him to acquire a great empathy for both sides of the business, the hotel guest and the hotel staff / operation.
When working as a booking agent he couldn't believe how much money the hotel left on the table by only being available during business hours. Obviously the calls would be direct to front desk during non business hours but long lines of check in risked missing phone calls that could have been a large group booking going to one of our competitors.
The value for such conversational bookings, personalized requests are much higher than a standard bookings. With the right technology these revenue opportunities can be captured and converted.

During his career within the revenue management scene he quickly realized something was missing for the conversational booking segment. He set out to do something about this! The personalized hotel service experience starts at booking, not check in.

Johan has also written several books on the subject of Revenue Management. The latest one is to be released in January 2019 and is called: Manage Revenue! - Learn the 8 Timeless Skills Behind Successful Hotel Revenue Management

Niklas has many years of experience in the travel industry, for example as a Regional Director of the Nordics and Baltics at a world leading travel distribution company. In addition, Niklas also has many years of experience in a variety of Hotel Management positions across the world in addition to his Swiss Hotelier background and university degree. When Niklas entered the travel distribution scene, after about 4 years of absence from the hospitality industry when he was a Performance Management consultant for a Swedish Management company, he realized how broken the digital customer journey was, and how the existing distribution scene capitalized on disconnecting travelers from service providers like hotels. That made him think about the importance of hotels being able to offer digital customer journeys that are equal or better than any other booking platform.

Furthermore, Niklas is a global traveler and travels frequently with his family. When booking his trips for his family he realized that there is no good booking option for a family travelling – typical booking engines on hotel website does not offer any level of personalization, which creates frustration in the booking process and ultimately pushes the traveler to book somewhere else than direct. Niklas and Johan started to do research on this problem and realized that over 20% of the travel population has complex booking enquiries and wants help to personalize their bookings.

Furthermore, their research also showed that 4.2 billion people already use messaging in their day to day life, and that the millennia will represent the majority of the travel population in the coming years. This sparked the idea of Instaroom, where we help hotels to connect to their travelers through messaging on their website, and where we can help hoteliers to automate their messaging and personalization strategies to boost direct bookings and to ultimately help hoteliers to take control of their digital customer journeys.